CEB - - Multiagent Systems-Algorithmic, Game Theoretic, And Logical Foundations-Yoav Shoham & Kevin Leyton Brown-Revision1.1-2010

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انتشارات: Cambridge

اثر: Yoav Shoham & Kevin Leyton Brown

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The motivation for studying multiagent systems often stems from interest in artificial (software or hardware) agents, for example software agents living on the Internet. Indeed, the Internet can be viewed as the ultimate platform for interaction among self-interested, distributed computational entities. Such agents can be trading agents, game-playing agents that assist (or replace) human players in a multiplayer game, or autonomous robots in a multi-robot setting. However, while the material is written by computer scientists with computational sensibilities, it is quite interdisciplinary and the material is in general fairly abstract. Many of the ideas apply to—and indeed are often taken from—inquiries about human individuals and institutions.

The material spans disciplines as diverse as computer science (including artificial intelligence, theory, and distributed systems), economics (chiefly microeconomic theory), operations research, analytic philosophy, and linguistics. The technical material includes logic, probability theory, game theory, and optimization. The intended reader is a graduate student or an advanced undergraduate, prototypically, but not necessarily, in computer science. The book is rigorous and requires mathematical thinking, but only basic background knowledge. In much of the book we assume knowledge of basic computer science (algorithms, complexity) and basic probability theory. In more technical parts we assume familiarity with Markov decision problems (MDPs), mathematical programming (specifically, linear and integer programming), and classical logic. All of these (except basic computer science) are covered briefly in appendices.

Since the umbrella of multiagent systems is so broad, this book concentrates on foundational topics rather than surface applications. Although we will occasionally make reference to real-world applications, the emphasis is on important concepts and the essential mathematics behind them. we will not give a precise definition of a multiagent system. The reason is that many competing, mutually inconsistent answers have been offered in the past. Indeed, even the seemingly simpler question—What is a (single) agent?—has resisted a definitive answer. For our purposes, the following loose definition will suffice: Multiagent systems are those systems that include multiple autonomous entities with either diverging information or diverging interests, or both.


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