CEB - - Algorithms And Parallel Computing-Fayez Gebali-2011

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اثر: Fayez Gebali

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There is a software gap between hardware potential and the performance that can be attained using today ’ s software parallel program development tools. This book is intended to give the programmer the techniques necessary to explore parallelism in algorithms, serial as well as iterative. We can find parallel computers in our laptops, desktops, and embedded in our smart phones. The applications and algorithms targeted to parallel computers were traditionally confined to weather prediction, wind tunnel simulations, computational biology, and signal processing. Nowadays, just about any application that runs on a computer will encounter the parallel processors now available in almost every system.

Parallel algorithms could now be designed to run on special - purpose parallel processors or could run on general - purpose parallel processors using several multilevel techniques such as parallel program development, parallelizing compilers, multithreaded operating systems, and superscalar processors. This book covers the first option: design of special - purpose parallel processor architectures to implement a given class of algorithms. We call such systems accelerator cores. This book forms the basis for a course on design and analysis of parallel algorithms. This is motivated by two practicalities: the prevalence of multicore systems in current computing platforms and the abundance of simple parallel algorithms that are needed in many systems, such as in data encryption/ decryption, graphics processing, digital signal processing and filtering, and many more.

This book does not attempt to give a detailed coverage of computer architecture, parallel computers, or algorithms in general. This book, on the other hand, shows how to systematically design special - purpose parallel processing structures to implement algorithms. The techniques presented here are general and can be applied to many algorithms, parallel or otherwise.

This book is intended for researchers and graduate students in computer engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. The prerequisites for this book are basic knowledge of linear algebra and digital signal processing. The objectives of this book are (1) to explain several techniques for expressing a parallel algorithm as a dependence graph or as a set of dependence matrices; (2) to explore scheduling schemes for the processing tasks while conforming to input and output data timing, and to be able to pipeline some data and broadcast other data to all processors; and (3) to explore allocation schemes for the processing tasks to processing elements.

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